Figure out your why… it will get you through the hard days.

I had a friend ask me the other day why I decided to start focusing on my health as seriously as I have and it got me thinking. I think it is really important to figure out your whys. Why is it important to exercise every day? Why is it important to eat healthy food 80% of the time? Why did I go to law school and why do I want to be a lawyer?  

When you have an answer to these types of questions, it becomes so much easier to get out of bed every morning to train or study. Skip the stuff that isn’t worth putting into your body. Putting yourself and your important relationships first. It will also help you understand your priorities, which makes life a hell of a lot easier. 

My Whys

Why do I go to the gym everyday?

I have a few big reasons that I go to the gym every day. The first one is my anxiety. I have had more than a few points in my life where my anxiety has been pretty debilitating and what always helps, no matter how many times I try to tell myself otherwise, is going to the gym. Since college, I have been doing some type of training. It was always a bit off and on, until my second year of law school. Law school has taught me a lot, but one of the best lessons I have learned is that no matter how hectic and mentally demanding life gets, there is always an hour that you can give to yourself and go to the gym. There are literally no excuses, especially if you do not have children. On that note, I know many moms who have kids and a full-time job who never miss a day at the gym, so remember that every time you think you’re too busy.

My second reason, being able to do really cool active stuff with my boyfriend. We are currently signed up to do a tough mudder, I will let you know how that goes. We also recently did a three-day backpacking trip at the Maroon Bells, which consists of 31 miles and four passes that all go above 12,000 feet. I thought I was fit until I went on this hike! It was so unbelievably hard to climb at that elevation! But the training I do every day, proved very useful because we got through the hike alive and all while carrying 35-50 pound bags on our backs. 

I would be lying if I told you that physical appearance was not one of my reasons. I like the way I feel when I have muscle on my body. I love seeing my body change and my work pay off. But I do not do this to compete, this is a lifestyle that I have now adopted and I plan to stick to it because I like the way I look and feel when I am living this lifestyle.

Why do I Eat Healthy…Most of the Time?

Eating healthy and working out kind of go hand in hand, or at least they should. The primary reason is that without proper nutrition your workouts are going to be crap and you will not see the progress you think you deserve. 

So I eat healthy because I want to see that progress and keep seeing it. Following an If it Fits your Macro lifestyle, it’s not a diet, can be a good way to do this and it is what I do. I love this lifestyle because I can choose when I want to “bulk” or “cut” and know exactly how to do it. It gives me a certain type of control and freedom that I love.

Also, I love cooking and coming up with healthy ways to fit foods I love into my macros. It’s kind of nerdy and fun! Plus I also love making yummy food that my boyfriend and I can enjoy, but not feel like we ruined our entire week’s diet. Keep in mind that I am a law student and extremely busy, so I do try to meal prep sometimes to make my life a bit easier.

That is not to say that I do not love food that is not the best for me. I mean I love food! I can’t say no to ice cream and burgers and french fries are my weakness. But if I aim to eat healthy 80% of the time, then I can enjoy those treats completely guilt free and not feel like I am cheating or any vocabulary along those lines (have I told you how much I hate the term cheat meal).

Why do I want to be a lawyer?

This question! I get asked this question all the time and I never have a great answer because well, law school has been pretty hot and cold for me. I will never regret my decision to go to law school, would I do it again? Probably not.

But I do have a why because if I didn’t I am not sure that I could drag myself to school every day. The main reason is that I really love the field of law that I have focused on. That is tech. I am such a tech nerd, that my boyfriend definitely gets tired of me talking about all that stuff. When I worked at my firm this summer, I was reminded of how much I love melding the law and tech. So, that is why I keep going and why I want to continue in the field of law. 

In conclusion, have a why for everything you do because it will make it so much easier to do when you just want to sit at home and watch Netflix, which I want to do every day. 

I do not have my life all figured out, but I do have consistency and perseverance, also known as I am very very stubborn!

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