Killer Leg Workout that Will Demolish your Legs

I’m going to be honest! When I train legs I really only focus on my hamstrings and glutes. I am so quad dominant I never feel the need to focus just on that. So I have found many ways to activate and focus on my glutes! Here is a workout that I tried the other day. I couldn’t walk for two days! I have been going really hard on my weightlifting and this workout is killer.


If you don’t have a resistance band or hip circle get on Amazon right now and buy yourself one! It will change your life.  I also always walk on an incline or do the step machine for ten minutes before I start so I can wake up a bit.

25 Banded Squats

20 Side Step Squats

20 Glute Bridges


3 sets of 12 Bulgarian split squats each leg

4 sets of 10 kettlebells squat to hamstrings

4 sets of 10 squat to lunge on the pulley machine

3 sets of 12 leg  extensions on the pulley machine

3 sets of 10 hack squats- use the band or make sure that all of the weight is on your glutes

4 sets of 12 weighted glute bridges

4 sets of 12 hip abductors

Superset the two exercises in red.


20 banded squats

This workout is not for the faint of heart! I love it though and will be repeating it again on Tuesday! Also, pay attention to your form! That is so important.

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