How to Keep your Fitness Goals with a Busy Schedule!

I have been gone for so long, but I am back! I had to finish finals and get settled into my summer job before I could come back on here. It’s crazy how tired you are when you get home after working a long day and getting up so early. But the time off has given me some great content. I have been trying my best to juggle all of my summer goals, both in fitness and in my work.

Today I wanted to talk to you all about my tips and tricks for balancing school, fitness, or a hectic work schedule. I made it a goal of mine to keep working out while I was working. So here are some tips for you if you work long hours and still want to reach your fitness goals.

1.Meal Prep

This is no secret, but if you don’t eat well it does not matter how hard you train because your body will not change the way you want it to. All of these crazy diets out there don’t work because they ask you to do something super restrictive for “30 days.” Then, of course, you binge because you haven’t gotten to eat this one thing you love for weeks!

What does work? You have to be balanced and meal prepping will help you do that!  If you prep the stuff that you like in the right portions, you are less likely to overeat. Also! you are way less likely to eat all those treats that get brought into the office. That has been the hardest part for me because someone will always bring donuts or bagel in and I just want to eat it all! My trick for those moments is to have a healthy snack at my desk so when everyone is eating a treat so am I, just one that won’t ruin my progress.

So! plan your meals and try your hardest to eat well at work and I promise you have won more than half the battle!

2. Work out Early in the Morning

This use to be so so hard for me! I am not a morning person, but I know that the only way I will make sure that I work out is if I get up bright and early and get myself to the gym. I even walk there to get some extra cardio.

The night before I pack all of my bags and I have my food ready to go so that when I get up I do not have to think at all. Trust me! I am still asleep by the time I get on the treadmill to work out.

Another thing that really helps me is that my boyfriend also gets up with me! So, if you have someone that can motivate you to work out, I promise that will make a huge difference.

I also shower at the gym, which means I don’t have to waste time going back home. This means more sleep!

Last thing! do something you love at the gym, whether that is a class or lifting. When you wake up so early you need to know that at the very least you will enjoy your workout!.

ANYWAYS! I hope these tips and tricks help you out a bit! I have some workouts coming your way that I have been trying and loving.

Also, just in case you are asking yourself, why would I ever do this to myself. Well, honestly, it helps you keep your sanity and mental health because working at a firm is hard work and exhausting.

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