How to Reduce the Stress of Law Interviews

1. Get to know your Interviewer personally

The best way to make a law interview go smoothly is to know the person or people who you are speaking to. Find out who you are interviewing with and go on their LinkedIn or firm profile. Besides knowing about their professional background, also look at their hobbies and other personal interests. If you are interviewing with attorneys at their office, do a quick scan of the office before you sit down. Take note of trophies or pictures. People, especially attorneys love speaking about themselves.

2.Make your pitch

Do not go in with a script! That is a recipe for disaster. But try to go in with a one minute pitch because it will become your anchor. Anytime there is a pause or awkward silence you know what your purpose is. Your pitch should include a quick overview of your strengths and why you think you would be the perfect fit for the job. You need to be able to give interviewers a reason to hire you. It’s not enough anymore to just have good grades. There are many law students with good grades and you need to be able to set yourself apart. Ask yourself, “What will I be able to provide to this firm?”

With that being said, grades are not the only factor in getting a job. You can get a job if your grades are not that stellar. Do not give up hope if your first-year grades are not the best. Take it from someone who knows.

3. Know your weakness

We all have a weakness, at least in the eyes of the firm. It may be your grades or the lack of volunteering you have done. Or maybe the terrible grade you got in tax law because its tax law. Either way, be prepared. If they ask you about a particular weakness, address it and move on. Do not try to evade it or rationalize it. It is better to just own up to it and return to the why you are a great candidate.

4. Dress Conservatively

This is my least favorite topic and advice because I really think your appearance should not play this big of a role in a job interview. However, appearance, especially in law, plays a huge role. If you are a woman, I suggest wearing a pantsuit or a long skirt with a suit jacket. The skirt should fall below your knees. I suggest you also wear minimal jewelry and makeup. If you are a man, wear a traditional suit and tie. Also, try not to wear overpowering colognes and perfumes.

5. Know the why to your location

This was my biggest struggle during interview season. Where I go to law school is not where I am originally from, but it is where I want to practice law. I had to do a lot of convincing about why I wanted to stay in my current location. Just make sure you have your stories straight.

I hope these tips help you like they helped me!

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