Four Reasons Why Going to the Gym Everyday as a Law Student is so Important

1. Going to the gym every day forces you to keep a schedule.

When I was trying to get healthy and lose the weight I had put on in college, I would read all sorts of fitness advice. The first advice that would always come up was: there is no excuse to not spend at least one hour at the gym. I think that is great advice, but it’s not the best when you are a law student. Why you ask?

Well, going to the gym for one hour is really a two-hour endeavor. You have to get to the gym, park, do you workout, then shower, get ready, and probably eat something. This is time-consuming. As a 1L, asking me to give up two hours of my study or sleep time to go to the gym, was like asking me to perform a small miracle. However, I am here to tell you that making that small miracle happen, may help you do better in law school.

If you schedule out an hour at the gym every day, in the morning, you are forcing yourself to get out of bed. Getting up early in law school is crucial to your success because it makes you treat law school like any other job. I am the worst person to be giving advice about getting up early because let’s be honest, I suck at it. But, if I schedule my workouts and pack my bags the night before, I am more likely to get up and just get it over with. Trust me, you will thank yourself the rest of the day for forcing yourself to get up. Then you have the rest of the day to do whatever you need to do, with no nagging feeling about needing to go to the gym.

2. It is a Good Way to Deal with Stress

Stress, Stress, and more Stress. That is law school summed up in one word. With stress comes so much anxiety and anxiety can lead to all sorts negative mental health issues. I can say from experience that when your anxiety piles up and you do not deal with it in a healthy way, it affects your days and school work. Going to the gym will not replace a therapist or a mental health professional, but it can help alleviate many symptoms that come with anxiety from law school. When I get to the gym in the mornings, I give it all I got. I sweat as much as possible and leave any worries at the door. My time at the gym is sacred and essential to my mental health.

3. It is a Good Way to See People Outside of the Law School

Law school is kind of like reliving high school all over again. People are mean and catty and quite frankly only care about themselves. Sometimes you need a break from that. Going to the gym offers you a way to see and socialize with people who don’t care about your law school worries at all. You can meet people who are doing completely different things with their lives. When you start going to the gym you also start to realize that there is a whole community of people who have similar fitness goals as you. You can get involved in this whole new community by reading blogs and messaging fitness role models. Or you can even become part of that community by starting your own blog.

4. You Need Less Coffee

As an ex-avid coffee drinker, I am proud to say I barely drink coffee anymore. After I started focusing on my fitness goals and paying attention to my nutrition, I started to realize I was less tired. I wake up at 5:30 and I can stay awake until 10. Sure sometimes I need a pick me up, but most days I can get by without coffee. I am also able to focus more and I am happier. So much happier. Little did I know that coffee was a huge factor in my anxiety.

Going to the gym and eating healthier will help you get through law school. It will also keep you healthy so that you can survive those long hours of studying and all the stress that comes with law school. The gym also gives you an outlet, a way to leave all the law school stress behind and just focus on yourself. AND if all of this isn’t reason enough, think of it as nonguilty Netflix time because you’re staying healthy and watching Netflix!

That’s all for now!

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  1. Andrea
    February 27, 2018 / 2:36 am

    I definitely need to follow number 4… Thanks for sharing 🙂

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