Condo Gym Workouts

I am staying at my boyfriend’s condo for a few days, which means I do not have access to a full gym. But I still wanted to get back on schedule with my workout regime. Today was leg day so I put together a quick workout with the equipment available to me at the condo gym. I thought I would share with you all what I did. This is a 45-minute workout that will burn out your glutes and get your heart rate up. Tell me if you tried it and how it went for you! Remember, you can get a good workout with just about any equipment.

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Glute Workout

      1. Place your treadmill on the highest elevation and a speed of three. Walk on the treadmill for ten minutes.
      2. Repeat the next three exercises three times:
        1. With a step do burpees, but complete one pushup with your hands on the step. Do this ten times. Example 
        2. If your condo gym has a pulley machine do ten cable Squats. Example
        3. Then do ten split squats on each side with one leg on propped on a step. I use fifteen to twenty-pound weights. Example
      3. Repeat the next three exercises three times:
        1. Ten wide stands squat with an overhead press. Example
        2. Ten pulley machine lateral raises on each side. Example
        3. Ten step ups on each side. Example
      4. Repeat the next three exercises three times:
        1. Ten wall ball throws with a squat. Example 
        2. Ten pulley machine back raises on each side (At the end of the video she shows the back raises. Example
        3. Run on the step for 2 minutes.
      5. Finally, end with a quick stretch!

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