The Zombie Series: Concealing Dark Circles

Hello everyone! I wanted to start a new series that will go up every Thursday. This series is about all the tips and tricks that I have learned for looking less like a zombie and more like a human! ūüôā Just kidding. These are some tips and tricks for making it look like you got way more sleep than you actually did! I am calling it the zombie series because that is exactly how I feel some mornings!

My first year of law school was pretty rough on my sleep hygiene. I would sleep five to six hours per night and then on the weekends I would try to desperately catch up on sleep. I had so many other bad habits that by the end of the year my skin looked dull and swollen. In order to make myself look less like a zombie, I would pile on the makeup. Honestly, my skin looked worse with all the makeup.

I am not saying that these tips will fix your lack of sleep, but they do help. Anyone can tell you that you have to sleep more, but we all know that is easier said than done when you have a pile of books to read for the next day.

As the weeks go on I will share some of my favorite skin care tips, but first I wanted to share my go-to quick fix.

Nyx, Orange, concealer

Orange Concealer 

 In my opinion, orange concealer is the best way to hide undereye circles! It also stops you from cacking on concealer and foundation. I learned this trick from watching far too many Youtube Beauty Videos. Here is a step by step how to:

  1.  Apply orange concealer under your eyes with a small concealer brush. I go about halfway down my nose because I also have hollow eyes that make my dark circles look worse. My favorite orange concealer is NYX Full Coverage Orange Concealer. It is cheap and does the job!
  2. Then I use a concealer that is a shade lighter than my regular skin tone and cover all of the orange concealer.  I like doing an upside-down triangle under my eye with the concealer. My favorite drugstore concealer is Catrice Full Coverage Concealer. I also really like Urban Decay Naked Concealer and Tarte Shape Tape.
  3. Then, I go in with a wet beauty sponge and blend the concealer. Make sure all the orange is covered.
  4. Finally, I use some powder to set the concealer so that it is still on my face at ten at night. I dip the wet beauty sponge into my Coty Airspun powder and dab it on to the concealer. This last step also stops creasing.

Concealer, Orange, Concealing Dark Circles

This is a quick and easy way to hide under eye circles and look like you got at least seven hours of sleep! I found this trick especially helpful during the interview season because I had tons of work but still had to look presentable for my interviews.

I hope this quick tip makes your mornings a little bit brighter!

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  1. Susy
    January 30, 2018 / 1:47 pm

    You’re so awesome!! Love these posts!

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