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IMG_7907Law School is unbelievably time-consuming and chaotic. Before you start on any type of lifestyle journey, go buy yourself a planner or start using the calendar app on your phone. I personally love using an old-school paper planner, but the calendar app works just as well. Set alarms if you have to. If you need a good old school planner check out I love them and have been using one since high school. It even comes with stickers!

First, get into the habit of scheduling everything in your planner. I mean everything! I am not just talking about your readings, outlines, and meetings. Schedule time for your workouts, hobbies, face masks, and downtime.

I know what you are thinking! Andrea that sounds excessive. Maybe, but it is crucial in law school. If you schedule everything, you make sure that even when you are stressed and tired, you still do the things you love.

My first year of law school I only did basic scheduling. I scheduled when things were due and what readings I had for the day. I always found an excuse for not going to the gym. Instead, I spent my free time watching Netflix and sitting on the couch. Don’t get wrong, Netflix time is very important, but so is exercising and doing the activities you love.

Eventually, I got out of shape and going to the gym became even harder. I stopped pursuing my interest in photography and my camera began to collect dust.  I was out of shape, sleep deprived, my skin looked dull, and my mental health was struggling. I even began doubting why I went to law school.

By the end of the first year, I began to realize that the only way I would hold myself accountable was to jot down when I would go to the gym and pursue my hobbies. I would even write down the food I wanted to eat that week and what muscle groups I would train.

Of course, school and life sometimes get in the way and I am not able to keep to my schedule. However, 90% of the time if it is in my planner, I will do it.

In my opinion, the key to staying healthy in law school is to schedule and prioritize. If going to the gym was important to you before law school, make sure it stays that way in law school. It is not easy because law school is not easy, but scheduling your healthy lifestyle choices makes it bearable. If you need another motivator, it also helps you get better grades.


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